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You are in good hands: All of our teachers are professional artists and educators who give their individual attention and guidance to EVERY single student in the class.


Alena Savitski is a contemporary painter, visual artist, and a teacher living in Toronto, Canada. She is a qualified Visual Arts Teacher with passion for visual art, design, graphics, and sculpture. She completed her Bachelor of Arts and Design in 2007 at Belarus State College of Arts and Design in Minsk, Belarus. During this time of the study, she worked as an Art Educator in Center Art School.

When Alena immigrated to Canada in 2008, she decided to advanced her skills in Visual Arts. She successfully graduated from OCAD University located in Toronto and obtained Canadian BFA in Visual Arts in 2019. Both Art schools helped Alena to develop outstanding visualization skills, strong fundamental knowledge in academic drawing and painting, exceptional creative thinking, and remarkable artistic imagination.

Alena has over ten years of professional teaching experience in visual arts, and she practices academic as well as contemporary approaches in her teaching techniques. She inspires, coaches, and leads her students to their continuous success and recognition.


Born in Moscow, Russia, Victoria Berdichevsky is a classically trained visual artist. Her interest in Art began in her childhood when her father, Vadim Klotts, an established Chief set designer for the Maly Theatre in Moscow, began giving her art lessons. Victoria's passion for art carved a path leading her to a prestigious education. In 1980, she graduated from Surikov's School of Fine Art, Moscow, Russia and later from the Moscow Art Academy Theatre's University from which she graduated with a Master's in Stage and Costume Design for Theatre and Film. In the years following her graduation, Victoria has established herself as a consummate professional of fine portraiture and costume design.

In 1989, Victoria moved to Toronto where she continues to reside and work as an artist. Besides her work in commissioned portraiture, Victoria has illustrated children's books, and has been engaged in designing costumes for some of Ontario's most renowned theatres. With an extensive amount of experience and education in art, Victoria now enjoys teaching and inspiring students with her knowledge and skills.

Victoria pushes the limits of imagination and creativity with her students while exploring new concepts and ideas in art.


With fifteen years of teaching experience, Biana has been working to inspire youngsters of all ages in discovering their artistic potential and focusing their creativity.

Armed with an arts graduate and teaching diploma, Biana went on to become a professional painter, piano teacher, makeup artist, and jewellery designer. Having developed a personal niche in the world of art, it was only necessary for Biana to take the next creative step: opening a workshop for children where they could truly express themselves.

These workshops will present your kids with opportunities to learn and embellish their artistic abilities through drawing, painting, knitting, beading, threadwork, embroidery, and much more!


My name is George. The first steps in art I did at Art School at age of 4. Since then I fell in love with drawing and making art. I continued my education at Art College and Art Academy. There I learned a lot about decorating, jewelry and ceramic.

I have been teaching since 2000. I always happy to use my creativity to communicate with the little hearts. It is very rewarding to see the children that I work with grow, learn, and develop.

I look forward to sharing my passion for the creative arts with my little friends.


Growing up in a family vitalized by the love of art, Yasi's passion for art began from an early age. She began to experiment different pathways and techniques in art and was soon encouraged to continue. As it became a dream for Yasi to have professionalism in her work, she sought to accomplish different degrees. Upon achieving an A* in her International GCSE Arts and Design examination, as well as a certificate of recognition for being at high excellences in her school, she chose to continue her work in the International Baccalaureate (IB) program. She finished by achieving a perfect score of 7, along with her first art exhibition only at the age of 18.

Yasi later graduated from the University of Waterloo with a degree in Civil Engineering. As well as a degree in Arts and Design. Upon understanding a whole new perspective of the world of art, she is now determined to help younger and older students experience this too. She strives to find unique creativity from her students and allows them to express themselves and personalities on their canvas.

Yasi not only ensures that her students come out with the best technique and professionalism in art, but she also finds it crucial to keep the imagination and creativity of her students alive and expressed.

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Tatiana loves taking classes at Anna Art Academy. She really enjoys every class and discovers something new every time. We all very proud of her beautiful works. Thank you Anna Art Academy!

Tatiana, Tatiana's Mom
Richmond Hill

My daughter Angela always has a wonderful time at Anna Art Academy. Every time she brings different art projects she feels very happy of it, and its a pleasure for us to display at home. So thanks!

Maggie, Angela's Mom
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