Children Art Classes (6-14 years)

Small-group Art Classes for Kids  •  Drawing, Watercolour, Acrylic, Oil and more.
A perfect blend of classic academic approach and a relaxed exploration of your child's creativity set in the REAL art gallery.
We offer 4 unique programs and several carefully designed workshops to guide your child through the process of finding their own unique artistic voice. We work with every child INDIVIDUALLY so that they can get the most out of the academic training while keeping the classes relaxed, enjoyable and fun.
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4 Unique Drawing & Painting Programs
1. Drawing & Sketching
This program gives your child a solid foundation for drawing still-life and compositions. Your child will be taught the basics of sketching and drawing, proportions theory, shading and the effective use of light and shadow. She will learn all the artistic skills needed to bring to life various compositions from their own imagination. They will also learn to use a wide variety of media: pencils, charcoal and pastels.
2. Painting with Colors
This program introduces gouache and acrylics and lets your child explore and experiment with a wide variety of painting mediums and techniques. The fundamentals of colour principles are introduced: colour theory and perception, colour contrasts, techniques of mixing colours, and the best way to utilize colour in order to enhance your artwork.
3. Landscapes
Kids have fun creating their own version of landscapes while drawing inspiration from works by renowned landscape artists. This program focuses on colour theory, as well as on how to create light, shadow and attractive compositions. Special attention is paid to painting various aspects of nature, such as rocks, water, sky, grass and mountains. Your child will paint their favourite family outdoors moment (using photograph as a reference) and learn how to bring it to life!
4. Watercolors
This course will open up a new and exciting world for your child. While having fun, kids will learn the basic techniques of watercolour painting. Starting from a simple line drawing of a composition they will be able to progress to a finished watercolour painting. Children will learn how to stretch watercolour paper, master the wash technique, make a rich variety of complementary colour combinations and choose art materials that are most suitable for their projects.
Your child is in good hands: all of our classes are taught by professional artists and educators who give their individual attention and guidance to EVERY single student in the class.

Your child will be recognized and rewarded!

Anna Art Academy organizes frequent exhibits for students to display their work, showcase their talent and share their ideas. These are memorable and enjoyable events that make your child feel like a master artist!

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BONUS: FREE Sketchbook to improve your drawing skills between classes — available to new and returning students signing up for 40 classes package.

Tatiana loves taking classes at Anna Art Academy. She really enjoys every class and discovers something new every time. We all very proud of her beautiful works. Thank you Anna Art Academy!

Tatiana, Tatiana's Mom
Richmond Hill

My daughter Angela always has a wonderful time at Anna Art Academy. Every time she brings different art projects she feels very happy of it, and its a pleasure for us to display at home. So thanks!

Maggie, Angela's Mom
You're in a good company when you join Anna Art Academy!
Small-group Classes
Held in a unique gallery atmosphere
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Advanced Techniques, New Levels & Challenges
We help make your life easier by providing all the materials and supplies needed for a small fee. This includes oil paints, acrylic paints, watercolor paints, drawing paper, canvases (small size), brushes, pencils, erasers and more. You can also bring your own art supplies and materials.
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Anna Art Academy offers small-group art classes for adults and children in a creative and inspiring atmosphere of a real gallery.

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